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Our Vision And Values


In providing optimum levels of value and service to our clients, and develop- ing long term relationships, every process is at Abakhuliswayo is under- pinned by our core values:

  • Quality – This is the corner stone of all work we do. We see our business as a Craft, and is not merely a trade.

  • Teamwork – We value every member of our organisation and strive for open com- munication, fairness, equality, and growth. This results in a happier and more pro- ductive work environment

  • Integrity – Our goal is to operate ethically and honourably without reproach in all operations in both the public and private sectors.

  • Performance – We strive to optimise our performance in all aspects of our busi- ness, and operations in adhering to project timelines, thereby increasing client satisfaction and our profitability

  • Harmony – In all our projects we seek to mitigate potential conflicts and find solu- tions to the betterment of our clients, the community and the environment



Our primary vision is threefold:

  • To offer a complete and holistic service, tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements and exceed every expectation

  • To excel and innovate in a challenging and complex industry

  • To make a positive lasting impact in improving the lives of our people and the broader community , and the environment